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This page briefly covers my biological scientific work. I am specialized on neuroscience and cybernetics. The results of my research work are obtainable from my list of publications at the document section.
Scientific degrees: Diploma (Dipl. Biol.), Master (M.Ed.), Doctor (Dr. rer. nat.).


Scientific projects:

Doctoral project:
In my doctoral project I investigated the signaling from neurons with mixed potential signals (consisting of graded potential shifts and spikes) to another spiking neuron. The model system used was the visual system of the blowfly Calliphora vicina.
Check out this summary (German) to get a brief impression.

The work was done at Bielefeld University, department of Neurobiology . The work was supervised by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rafael Kurtz.

Diploma thesis:
My diploma thesis was done in the field of theoretical biology/cybernetics. I developed and implemented a software model simulation of the walking behaviour of the stick insect ( Carausius morosus).
A summary (one A4 page German) is available here.

The work was done at Bielefeld University, department of biological cybernetics. The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Holk Cruse.

project work:
During a project work at University Münster I established my own biochemical benchmark to quantify the vitality of cell suspension cultures of the chick pea (Cicer arietinum L.). The method is on based photometric measurment of the Protease activity after protein concentration homologation of the probes.

This work was done at University Münster, Institute of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology and was supervised by Dr. Andreas Pachten.


scientific techniques and methods:

electrophysiological methods:

  • intracellular recordings
  • extracellular recordings
  • discontinuous single electrode voltage clamp (dSEVC)
  • intracellular dye application by sharp electrodes
  • photo activation of intracellular dyes
  • microscopy (visual light/UV; two photon)
  • simulation and theoretical methods

  • Top down und bottom up analysis
  • Black box analysis and modelling
  • Matlab programming
  • C++ programming
  • Hollywood/Lua programming
  • biochemical and molecular biological methods:

  • DSC and ITC calorimetry
  • column chromatography (HPLC, MPLC)
  • agarose and acrylamid gel-electrophoresises like IEF or SDS-PAGE
  • antibody stainings
  • experience with the Y2H and UAS-GAL4 system
  • (i)PCR and vector cloning, sequencing
  • western, northern, southern blotting
  • chemical methods

  • work under inert gas conditons/Schlenk line
  • IR-, NMR-, CD-, UV/VIS-spectroscopy
  • experience on a broad set of AC/OC syntheses and analyses
  • Eingeschränkte Sachkunde nach § 11 der ChemikalienVerbotsV
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    Education and scientific employment:

  • Undergraduate biological studies at the Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität Münster
  • Diploma at Bielefeld University, Department of Biological Cybernetics
  • Doctoral project and employment as member of the scientific staff at the Bielefeld University, Department of Neurobiology (head: Prof. Dr. Martin Egelhaaf)
  • Teaching at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Department of Neurobiology (head: Prof. Dr. Samuel Rossel)
  • Master of Education (biology/chemistry) at Bielefeld University

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