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StoWaSta - Stop Watch with Statistics. A stop watch program with a few simple statistical evaluation functions (calculation of mean (with variance and standard deviation) and median (with p25 and p75 qartiles) of the measured times). Data can get exported as html file (.html). The program supports English (default) or German (when detected as system language).
Available for many operating systems, including Windows, Android und Amiga/MorphOS..

Don't hesitate to contact me for further information!

StoWaSta - Stop Watch mit Statistik. Eine Stoppuhr mit ein paar einfachen Statistikfunktionen (Berechnung des Durchschnittes (mit Varianz und Standardabweichung) und Medianwertes (mit p25- und p75-Quartilen) der gemessenen Zeiten). Die Messdaten können als html-Datei (.html) exportiert werden. Die Programmoberfläche unterstützt englisch (Standard) und deutsch.
Verfügbar für einige Betriebssysteme, u.a. Windows, Android und Amiga/MorphOS.

Bei Rückfragen, Anregungen, Wünschen einfach das Kontaktformular nutzen!


Table of Content - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Welcome - a brief introduction about the program

License - terms of use

Requirements - what is needed to run this program?

Installation - installation of the program

Usage - how to use the programm

Download - get your copy here

FAQ - frequently asked questions

History - history and future develoment

Welcome - Willkommen

StoWaSta is a stop watch software.

StoWaSta ist eine Stoppuhrsoftware.

License - Lizenzbestimmung

This software is free for personal use. You may use it on your own risk. You are free to copy and distribute the archive. When distributing and/or spreading the program you must not:

  • charge money
  • modify the archive.
  • No warranty for any damage or harm can be given - use on your own risk.

    Note: If you want to use this software for teaching purposes in lectures, classes or courses (for schools, universities or other educational institutions) it is mandatory to obtain a permission from the author - please contact me.
    I am happy for any feedback though.

    Dieses Programm ist frei zur privaten Nutzung. Nutzung auf eigene Gefahr. Es ist erlaubt das Archiv zu kopieren oder zu verteilen. Wenn es angeboten oder verteilt wird darf nicht:

  • Geld verlangt werden
  • das Archiv irgendwie verändert werden.
  • Es wird keinerlei Haftung für Schäden jeglicher Art übernommen - die Benutzung erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko.

    Anmerkung: Falls das Programm zu Lehrzwecken in Klassen, Kursen, Vorlesungen oder ähnlichem eingesetzt werden soll, ist es notwendig die Erlaubnis vom Autor dafür einzuholen. Bitte mich kontaktieren.


    This software is written in the language Hollywood and hence available for many systems, either as native application or as .hwa-applet code. There is no additional software required and it should run on any computer running one of the supported operating systems. Be sure, you have downloaded the program version for your particular operating system. You may need a processor better not less than 400 MHz and a few MB of available RAM as well as a screen resolution of at least 1280*720 pixels and minimum 16 bit colour depth. For the non-Android versions you also need a keyboard. The touch version (=Android version) requires a touch screen of course
    Android: Android 2.3 or better.


    Once you've downloaded the archive, unpack it and copy it to any destination you like (target drive needs at least 2.3 MB free space). You may put it on your harddsik, on a usb key or even on a server. There is no special installation process required.

    Nach beendetem Download, das Archiv entpacken und einfach in ein beliebiges Verzeichnis kopieren (das Ziellaufwerk benötigt wenigstens 2,3MB freien Speicherplatz). Das Programm kann auf eine Festplatte, einen usb-Stick oder auch auf einen Server kopiert werden. Es gibt keinen gesonderten Installationsprozess.


    Just doubleclick the program icon. Usage should be rather selfexplaining.

    Screenshot of the program with some measured times


  • Restart: Put all values to zero again.
  • Pause: Stop the clock.
  • Countdown Decreasing times, counts down to zero.
  • Set Time Set the clock to your desired value, especially useful for the countdown.
  • Data export Export median and average and all measured times to a html file.
  • bottom part:

  • Intermediate: Take a time (lap).

  • Tipping or clicking on the three dots at the upper right corner opens a menu with some (self explaining) options including quitting the program.

    Every intermediate time gets denoted on the time axis with a green dash. From these times the average and mean get calculated and get indicated by the orange dash (median) and black dash (average) on the time scale.
    Intermediate times can get taken by tipping/clicking the intermediate button and/or by pressing the space bar (if a keyboard is available).
    The time bar initially provides a scale for 120s, if measured times exceed 120s, the time bar autoscales to the required scale.

    Further statistical data (p25 and p75 quantiles, variance and standard deviation) gets calculated if at least 8 values (quantiles) or 5 values (standard deviation, variance) are taken. To keep the program clean and clear these values are noted in the html export file only.
    Note that values for the quartiles get obtained by linear extrapolation if the number of measures is not divideable by four. The variance and standard deviation gets calculated by the uncorrected method (i.e. divided by n and not by n-1).


    Grab a copy for your particular system from here:

    V0.8 - Get the Android version from the Google Play Store.        Get it on Google Play

    Keyboard version:
    V0.8 - Download MorphOS version (ppc)
    V0.8 - Download Windows version (intel)
    V0.8 - Download Amiga version (68k)
    V0.8 - Download AROS (intel)

    The archives (except .apk file) are packed with lha or zip (Windows).

    Note: You must not change the archive!

    Versions for Linux (x86, ARM or ppc), OS X (ppc, x86), AROS (ppc) and OS4 (ppc) are yet available on request only. Please mail for a copy.


    Windows says this program is potentially dangerous Well, it's not dangerous, but the binary is not signed and hence, the Windows smart screen warns about that issue. I don't want to judge whether that behaviour of Windows is good or bad in general but signing the program costs actual money. If you don't want Windows to annoy you with warnings you may self sign the program or ask me for a copy on a CD or usb stick or sd card (for a small fee).

    I found a bug, want to discuss methods, have a feature request or want to donate you a bag of gold ducates? Well, in that case don't hesitate to contact me.



    V0.8 released on 09-Dec-2017
    - new: Beep on end of a countdown
    - few internal changes, fixed a misbehaviour on some paused situations

    V0.7 released on 05-Oct-2017
    - new: calculation of variance and standard deviation as well as p25 and p75 quantiles - improved html export

    V0.6 released on 18-Sep-2017
    - new: time bar autoscales now
    - a few minor fixes

    V0.5 released on 12-Sep-2017
    - new: initial public release



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