The *.fly viewer

a data evaluation tool for Simephys

This is a simple tool to monitor and evaluate date acquired with Simephys

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Table of Content

License - terms of use

Requirements - what is needed to run this program?

Installation - installation of the program

Usage - how to use the programm

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Download - get your copy here

History - history and future develoment


This software currently is free for personal use. You may use it on your own risk. You are free to copy and distribute the archive. When distributing and/or spreading the program you must not:

  • charge money
  • modify the archive
  • Note: If you want to use this software for teaching purposes in lectures, classes or courses (for schools, universities or other educational institutions) it is required to obtain a license from the author (please mail to ulrich.beckers|at|


    This software is written in the Hollywood programming language and thus available for many systems. There is no additional software required and it should run on bog standard computers running one of the supported operating systems which at least meet these requirements:

  • a screen resolution of at least 1024x600 is required (ideal for netbooks)
  • a processor of at least 400 MHz
  • The operating systems supported are:

  • MorphOS (any version will do, ppc binary) >> Download
  • Windows (minimum: Win 2000, x86 binary) >> Download
  • AmigaOS (minimum V3.0, 68k or ppc binary) >> Download
  • AROS (x86 binary)
  • OS X (minimum 10.4 aka Tiger, ppc or x86 binary) >> Download (ppc binary)
  • Binaries for Linux and OS X (x86 or ppc) are not provided on this site and are available upon request only.


    Once you've downloaded the archive for your operating system, unpack the archive. Generally you can copy the program to any location you like but if you have the program Simephys installed the binary must:

    - be named fly_view.exe or just fly_view
    - stay in a directory named fly_view that resides in the same directory the Simephys binary is located.


    Just doubleclick the icon named "fly_view" to launch the program.

    There are four buttons on the bottom of the program window. The leftmost button Add trial opens a file requester and asks you for a .fly file. Once a data file is chosen, the data gets displayed as a PSTH (20 ms bin width) to monitor the action potential rate over the experiment at the upper diagram (orange traces). The file name of the current data file is displayed above that diagram, too.
    The bottom diagram (red traces) shows the average over all yet loaded data sets. It gets updated and newly averaged as soon as another data file gets loaded by the Add trial button.

    If you don't want to add a data file to your current average, chose the button View trial. A file requester opens and asks you once again for a file. This time the chosen data set will not get included to the average. The current trial will be displayed in the upper trace, the average without the current trial once again in the bottom diagram. Below the diagram and right to the reset button the number of data files accounted within the average gets displayed.

    The button Reset resets the current average.
    The rightmost button Website opens this webpage with your browser.
    If an update is available you will get notified about thatat program start.


    Clicking on fly view in Simephys doesn't start the stardotflyviewer - what's wrong? Probably the stardotflyviewer is not at its correct place. Make sure the directory named fly_view (not only the binary!) is copied to the same location where the Simephys binary is installed to.

    Note: V0.8 is still in rather early development state and may contain functional bugs. Stability of the programm is rather good though.


    Grab your copy from here:

    V0.8 - Download (Windows x86 version)
    V0.8 - Download (MorphOS version)
    V0.8 - Download (Amiga 68k version)
    V0.8 - Download (AROS x86 version)

    At this early stage of development binaries for OS X (ppc or x86) and Linux are available upon request only, please mail for a copy.


    V0.8 released on 20-01-2018
    - new: diagrams autoscale now
    - user interface rewritten, improved (e.g. responsive buttons) and adjusted to the SimePhys design
    - internal code cleaned up and prepared for better future development

    V0.4.5 released on 10-Sep-2015
    - new update notification if online
    - current file name gets displayed at the graph
    - default directory is now the data directory of Simephys
    - partly localized (English and German)

    V0.4.1 released on 08-Dec-2013
    - fixed a bug in the file selection requester

    V0.4 released on 15-Nov-2013
    - new: ready for direct launch from Simephys (starting with Simephys V1.0)
    - fixed a severe bug in reading data files (part of data got trashed), now all data files get read in correctly

    V0.3.1 released on 08-May-2013
    - minor change on Windows version
    - new: counter for added trials

    V0.3 released on 01-Aug-2011
    - initial release



    Document history:

    10-09-2015 Documenation updated to 0.4.5
    08-12-2013 Documenation updated to 0.4.1
    01-08-2011 Documentation started

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