A software that simulates the walking behaviour of a stick insect.

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Welcome - a brief introduction about the program

License - terms of use

Requirements - what is needed to run this program?

Installation - installation of the program

Usage - how to use the programm

Download - get your copy here

FAQ - frequently asked questions

History - history and future develoment


This is a software which simulates the walking behaviour of the stick insect carausius morosus. You can simulate undisturbed walks, walking with amputated legs and walking with fixed legs.

The program is of scientific interest and has been developed at Bielefeld University, department of Biocybernetics. Background and details are obtainable from my diploma thesis


This software is freeware. You may use it on your own risk. You are free to copy and distribute the archive. However, when distributing and/or spreading the program you must not:

  • charge money
  • modify the archive
  • Requirements

    This software is written in the language C++. There is no additional software required and it should run on any computers running MorphOS or AmigaOS 3.x (versions above 1.0 are not supported by AmigaOS). You may need a processor better not less than 25 MHz and maybe a few MB of available RAM (2 MB should be enough) as well as a screen resolution not less than 1024x768 and at least 16 bit clour depth. Of course the 68k version runs on an UAE hosted Amiga system, too.


    Once you've downloaded the archive, unpack it (the 68k version contains two binaries and some documentation, MorphOS version one binary only) and copy it to any destination you like. You may put it on your harddsik or on a usb key or even on a server. There is no special installation process required


    Since there is no GUI present better launch the program from the shell directly.
    Once launched the program prompts you to set a few parameters. It should be self explaining.
    The language of the program is German.
    Note: The 68k archive contains two binaries, the MorphOS version one binary only. The difference is within a few internal parameters only.
    After typing in the initial parameters the program shows the results of the calculation for all 6 legs in two windows graphically, where blue denotes the leg position, red the activation of the stance muscle, yellow the swing muscle activation (only shown for one leg) and gray the accumulated coordination influences.
    The output should look somewhat like that:


    Grab your copy from here:

    V1.0.2 - Download (ppc binary - MorphOS)
    V1.0 - Download (68k binary - AmigaOS)

    The archives are packed with lha. That's a common packer on AmigaOS and MorphOS.

    Note: You must not change the archieve!


    Why AmigaOS or MorphOS?
    Well, why not? It works well and I like it.

    Oops - it froze my maschine. Why that?
    Well, the program is a bit buggy and can freeze 68k maschines, running under MorphOS it is stable. Dunno why though. If I knew I would fix it. It was my first C++ program and probably not properly coded.

    Why no GUI?
    I just was too lazy to do a GUI. If I am bored enough I may do an update (which will be MorphOS native then)

    Wow, ten years between a 0.0.1 version increment - stunning about deveoment speed???
    Well, I didn't worked on that program for nearly 10 years, but eventually just compiled the old source as a little C++ programming exercise for MorphOS. Little changes were required to make it run, hence the tiny version increment. Probably I will continue with my C++ MorphOS programmig exercise and make a proper MUI based GUI. This shouldn't take another 10 years.


    V1.0.2 released on 17-12-2012
    - slightly improved gfx output, few code improvements

    V1.0.1 released on 23-01-2012
    - ported to MorphOS, minor code improvements

    V1.0 released on 29-10-2002
    - initial public release


    Document history:

    17-Dec-2012 improved documentation, version jump to 1.0.2 23-Jan-2012 MorphOS version update
    11-Sep-2010 this page started

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